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ہفتہ، 27 نومبر، 2010

India is intensely jealous of China

 Pakistan should go on further improving and strengthening its friendly neighbourly relations with China and Iran and at the same time gradually distance itself from the USA. Reformulation of Pakistan foreign policy on these lines would be quite an appreciable and welcome move which the people are justifiably looking forward.

By Air Marshal ( R ) Ayaz A Khan

In a news item published by The Indian Express on November 04, 2010, it was reported that , “ Relations between India and China have deteriorated in the last eighteen months, and are unlikely to get better, a former US ambassador to India has said. “ I share the perception of most Indian strategic thinkers, that Beijing is using Pakistan to slow down India’s rise“. Robert Blackwell former US Ambassador to India whose canards about Pakistan have not been forgotten said in a conference call to the Indian Express on President Obama’s visit to India, “ Indians have a long list of Chinese transgressions, which in my judgment and in my very long experience in India are accurate. Chinese policy on the border dispute with India, Chinese policy on Jammu and Kashmir, and the so-called “ring of pearls’ of Chinese quasi-military installations in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma and Pakistan, are highly visible Chinese encroachments in South Asia.” During his tenure as US Ambassador in new Delhi, Robert Blackwell had lost all diplomatic composure and etiquette, and played the role of an Indian lobbyist, rather than of the ambassador of the United States of America. But he is not alone in trying to stoke distrust between Beijing and New Delhi.

Times of India an influential pro BJP daily in its editorial, on President Obama’s three-day India visit, commented , “ Obama‘s dollar 12 billion sales trip to India, so what is behind the optics? Hundreds of US businessmen had accompanied Obama to open up Indian markets for US companies, and they succeeded. Obama has called India the fastest growing market in the world. If trade is so important, why wouldn’t Obama take a trip to China to drum up business. The two way US-India trade is now $ 50 billion, while the US-China trade is 500 billion dollars I.e ten times more than with India. Already most of the dollar 50 billion trade with Bharat is US exports with India.”

It is worth mentioning that during President Obama’s three day visit, Indian businessmen and state enterprises placed orders for fifteen billion dollars worth defense products, industrial machinery, and services from America. Thus US imports into India during 2010 would exceed dollars sixty five billion. Besides the US will get 75000 new jobs. So India is a sort of bonanza for job and money starved America, and the trade between the two countries is expected to grow to dollars one hundred billion during the next year. India has two faces, one of a rich government with FOREX reserves exceeding two hundred billion dollars, and 65 Indian billionaires whose assets exceed trillion dollars (1000 billion). Who build high rise palaces in Mumbai slums with five hundred rooms and four helipads. The other ugly face of India are the 55% poor; 42% Indian poor, being below the poverty level. Yet India boasts of 65 billionaires, and Indian business executives in control of multi-billion global business enterprises like Pespsi Cola, Jaguar, and Range Rover vehicles, and banks, investment companies and steel mills in several countries.

The poor people of India are faceless, and neither the state, nor the rich, nor America cares a dime for them. According to the multi-dimensional poverty index developed by the Poverty and Human Development Initiative at Oxford University UK the Indian Poverty rate is 55%. 475 million Indians earn less than dollar 1.25 peer day. India is one of the most econo-mically- stratified societies in the world. Its judicial system is Byzantine. Justice is delayed and thus denied to the poor aggrieved. Its political institutions are corrupt, and its education and health infrastructure anemic for the toiling masses. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government is racked by corruption, nepotism, bloated bureaucracy and administrative inefficiency, clearly visible during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Outside big cities India like Pakistan has poor infrastructure. Roads are not repaired, what to say of new roads. India is ungovernable, with major conflicts in Jammu and Kashmir, and in the North East. The government of India and some businessmen are rich, but the Indians are poor. The average Indian’s take home is $ 1017 a year, compared to $ 30000 for an American. America has no sympathy for the Indian poor. It sees India through the tinted glasses of Indian politicians, rich Indians; and through the colored Rayban’s of American businessmen and officials in Washington. The BJP coined slogan “India Shining” is a hoax. America will benefit doing business with India, and so would the big Businessmen in India. But the Indian poor will be kept out of the business benefit loop.

India is intensely jealous of China, and China emerging as a super power is a thorn in India’s side. New Delhi sees China as a threat to the Indian security. Beijing wishes India well, and is keen at good neighborly relations with New Delhi. US prods India into an imaginary threat scenario from China, so as to sell American weapons and defense products to India. India has taken the hook, and disregarding the poverty, plans to buy hundreds of billions of dollars worth of weapons and munitions from the United States. Peoples Republic of China, and all Asian and regional countries will soon wakeup to the disconcerting motive and reality of the United States befriending India.
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