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ہفتہ، 27 نومبر، 2010

North Korea Conducts Own Military Drill Near the Disputed Sea

North Korea will respond to good faith in kind but punish the provocateurs encroaching upon our dignity and soverignty with resolute and merciless counter-action. ( KNCA) 
It is the temperament of the DPRK to resolutely counter confrontation with
confrontation and war with war: North Korea.

North Korean Armed Forces conducted their own military drills near the disputed area and the Yeonpyeong Island the scene of last Thursday’s shelling.  Pyongyang Warned the US and S, Korea the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of war due to reckless actions of the south.  US is sending one of its now obsolete post WWII aircraft carriers to the region for today’s joint military drill -- one amongst so many in recent months close to Chinese maritime border. China on Friday issued a stern warning to any outside powers conducting monthly military drills close to its exclusive economic zone. The aircraft carrier George Washington is an ideal target for powerful North Korean Yakhont anti-sea missiles.  
Analysts have suggested US should refrain from its threatening postures against powerful North Korea. Some believe the American military adventure on the Korean Peninsula is particularly aimed at curtailing China. Given the current US economic situation it is very much possible that Washington or even Tokyo might be looking at a major confrontation in order to eliminate South Korea’s export driven economy out of the global equation thus boosting their own military-industrial complexes. If a war breakouts on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea would have the power to speedily flatten all major industrial centers across South Korea. 
In a tough reaction to the planned US-South Korean war games, Pyongyang called them a crazy military provocation and warned that its response would be confrontation for confrontation and war for war. Since the end of Korean war in 1953, South Korea has depended on the overall US strategy to help market its industrially manufactured goods around the world and for this reason Seoul sees Washington as an ally. But in reality the relation between South Korea and the US could be the one that the Washington is more than willing to sacrifice for its own greater interests.  
The following is the latest announcement by North Korea over provocative actins of US and South Korea published on KCNA website: 
Taking issue with the army of the DPRK over its due punishment meted to the group for its reckless military provocation.
In this regard, a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea released a statement on Friday.
The recent military provocation by the puppet group is a product of the deliberate and premeditated plot hatched by it to save its smear confrontational campaign from total bankruptcy, tarnish the daily rising might of the DPRK, scuttle the efforts for improving the north-south relations and tide over the domestic and international isolation and crisis, it points out, and says:
The group perpetrated the recent provocation prompted by a sinister calculation that in case the DPRK did not make any reaction it would take it as "a tacit recognition" of the illegal "northern limit line" and make it a fait accompli and in case the DPRK took a military counter-action, it would use it as a pretext for kicking up anti-DPRK smear campaign.
This notwithstanding, the chief executive of south Korea did not bother to cry out for "much stronger punishment" while pulling up the DPRK. This is nothing but last-ditch efforts of those who were hit hard after making hasty provocation.
The prevailing situation clearly proves that the DPRK's warnings and domestic and foreign concerns that the seizure of power by the Lee Myung Bak group of conservatives would bedevil the inter-Korean relations and lead to a war were by no means for nothing.
If the puppet group insists on confrontation with the DPRK, the DPRK does not have any idea of dodging it at all.
It is the temperament of the DPRK to resolutely counter confrontation with confrontation and war with war.
The army and people of the DPRK are now greatly enraged at the provocation of the puppet group while getting fully ready to give a shower of dreadful fire and blow up the bulwark of the enemies if they dare to encroach again upon the DPRK's dignity and sovereignty even in the least.
The group should not run amuck, clearly understanding the will and mettle of the highly alerted army and people of the DPRK to wipe out the enemies.
Escalated confrontation would lead to a war and he who is fond of playing with fire is bound to perish therein.
Gone are the days when verbal warnings are served only.
We will respond to good faith in kind but punish the provocateurs encroaching upon our dignity and sovereignty with resolute and merciless counter-action.
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