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جمعہ، 25 فروری، 2011

Battles rage in Libya

The situation in Libya remains tense with the opposition claiming it now controls most of the country. Muammar Gaddafi is desperately clinging to power in the west but is reportedly losing ground. Clashes between protesters and police continue in Tripoli but most of the suburbs have been sezied by the opposition. Colonel Gaddafi is under strong international pressure to stop violence against his people. Tens of thousands of Libyans are fleeing the country. Earlier reports that Gaddafi ordered to mine oil facilities have pushed crude prices at iol markets to new highs.

 Based on reports released on latest developments in Libya, a number of Libyan army's battalions have joined the Libyan people. In fact, the army battalions in the region of Jabal al-Akhzar have completely joined people and therefore the popular uprising in this country has entered a new phase.

The spokesperson for the military forces in this region announced that all the Libyan army battalions have completely joined the Libyan nation, in a bid to help people maintain national security and infrastructure in Libya.
Meanwhile, the beleaguered Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi has clung to power and has massacred hundreds of Libyan people.
The Arab League, in an extraordinary meeting, has suspended the participation of Libya in Arab League sessions.
The Arab League, at the end of its meeting, issued a statement, announcing that based on the decision of the members of this League, the presence and participation of Libyan delegations in the meetings of Arab League and its affiliated organizations is suspended unless the Libyan government stops violence and secures calm and peace for the Libyan nation.
Meanwhile, Gaddafi has threatened to massacre Libyan people. In fact, during his long televised speech, aired live by the majority of global news networks, Gaddafi warned about staging a bloodbath, and strongly suppressing the Libyan people.
Gaddafi termed the protesting Libyan nation, who righteously demand his resignation, as a number of mercenaries and called on them to stop their protests in Libya.
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