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جمعرات، 4 اگست، 2011

politically ignited killings of Muhajir community in Karachi.

 Why the government does not call out the army to Karachi to restore law and order and punish the culprits who are playing havoc with the lives of Karachi people? A so-called peace rally was taken out by the members of PPP and MQM which did not have any impact on the city situation. Why nobody in parliament raises the issue of the deplorable situation in Karachi? Altaf Hussain too is silent while people are falling dead on the streets of Karachi. The opposition leader Nawaz Sharif is waging a war of words against the government but does not say a word about Karachi carnage?
The last resort in case of the present imefficient and callous government is the Supreme Court which may come to people's rescue in Karachi. It may kindly take suo motu action to stop the politically ignited killings of Muhajir community in Karachi.


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Leader Altaf Hussain
Ten to twenty people are losing their lives every day. The prime minister who had been involved in an unnecessary war of words with the Supreme Court on the transfer of two bureaucrats who were investigating corruption cases — one involving a son of the prime minister and the other involving the son of the senior minister Chaudhry Pervez Ilahi. However, after great bitterness between the apex court and the prime minister a compromise has been reached and things are quiet, at least for the time being.
When the prime minister was in Karachi he did not pay much attention to Karachi situation. He however expressed his “resolve” to solve the problems of the city. But a day after he left Karachi, 32 people were killed bringing the total deaths in the month of July to 318. What kind of government do we have which is sleeping when one of its major hub of trade and commerce is burning. It is very well known as to who are the people in the Sind Government who are playing the game of death and destruction in Karachi but the chief executive is still talking about his “resolve”.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain on Wednesday called for deployment of army in Karachi to contain the ongoing wave of violence that left dozens of people killed in recent days.

In a telephone address from London, Hussain said military should act indiscriminately against all groups to restore peace in the city. His demand came a day after he set a two-day ultimatum for the President and the Prime Minister to restore peace in Karachi. He said that most of the people, who were murdered in Karachi, were innocent. He asked Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to stop patronizing land and drug mafias.

The MQM leader said that Punjabis and Sindhis had warmly received Mohajir (migrants) during partition of sub-continent. He said that MQM was not against any ethnic group but, he added, that Mohajir were always targeted. “Mohajir are not Mohajir any more, they are Pakistanis,” he added. He also asked Indians if they would accept the migrants again. The MQM, he said, condemns ongoing acts of violence in Karachi. It is being said that three parties are responsible for Karachi situation, nobody is speaking truth. He further said that so-called heirs of Sindh were slaves of Hindus.

He added that action should also be taken against the MQM if it is found involved. Speaking about the recent violence in Karachi, Altaf Hussain said he had given a 48-hour deadline to the government to restore peace in the city.

Those who claim ownership of Pakistan today had actually been slaves of Hindu Bania (during pre-partition) and the freedom they were enjoying today is because of the Mohajir’ struggle. “Pakistan came into being because of Mohajir,” he maintained. He said Mohajir had not come to Pakistan empty handed and demanded of the international community to accept their presence. “Mohajir are no longer Mohajir here because it is their fifth generation that is now living in Pakistan,” Altaf Hussain argued.

Drawing attention of Sindhis, the MQM Chief said ‘if you are 200-year old Sindhis then we are 70-year old Sindhis’. He said innocent people were being butchered in Karachi and that criminals and land mafia were enjoying patronization. “Stop the people who are patronizing criminal elements,” Altaf Hussain urged the President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister Sindh.

The MQM Chief said the Army must come to Karachi and see for itself who is involved in the killings. If even a single MQM worker is found involved, action be taken against him, he added. “I want peace in Karachi at all cost. I hate violence. I want Pakistan to make progress and corruption be rooted out,” he said, adding, he was ready to renounce the party leadership if it could bring peace to the city.

Commenting on statement by Muttahida Chief, Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza said purchasing the ration for entire year would be even more judicious keeping in view the price hike. Sindh Fisheries Minister Zahid Ali Bhurgari said circumstances would not lead to the purchase of ration. Meanwhile, Information Minister Sharjeel Memon did not comment.

Begum Nargis ND Khan said she always stored ration so everybody else should do the same. Sindh Electric Power Minister, Shazia Marri said Altaf Hussain was a great man; hence, he could say anything. Adviser to Chief Minister Imtiaz Sheikh said the time for negotiations was over, now a full-fledged operation should take place.
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