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پیر، 4 جولائی، 2011

‘Grand’ opposition alliance Zardari & Co on test

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has come out swining against the government, advocating the formation of a grand oppossition alliance to unseat the incumbents. And what is it thta has persuaded the leader of the hitherto 'friendly' opposition to part ways irredeemably with the ruling PPP? Basically, Nawaz Sharif feels betrayed by the PPP leadership, in particular President Asif Ali Zardari, for a series of failures not living up to its promises to him over the last three years of incumbency, no hope or relief to offer the suffering people of the country, nosolution to the suffering of Balochistan and, last but not least, and arguably the straw that broke the camel's back, the alleged rigging in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) recent election.

Abominably, when creative ideas must be flying around voluminously for pulling the nation out of the crises it is so hopelessly trapped in presently, some opposition strands spearheaded by Mian Nawaz Sharif of the PML (N) fame are scrambling madly to drown it in the eddy of dirty politicking as well. In his driving frenzy, he is plumping for a grand opposition alliance, for which he is eyeing flirtingly even MQM, which a congeries of wandering political saddhus he had assembled around his table in his London redoubt under the high-sounding All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM) during his bargained exile had denounced as a fascist organisation that none would touch even with a finger. The sole agenda of his opposition front will be to pull down the PPP-led government in Islamabad.Not that any street would weep if this government comes crashing down, so inept, apathetic and corrupt has it been. The people’s joy indeed would know no bounds if this incompetent government goes packing lock, stock and barrel. On its watch, they have got only miseries, despondencies and disappointments, and all in multitudes, multiplying all the same with every hour of the day, with every day of the week, with every week of the month, and with every month of the year. Throughout, there has been no end to the train of their woes, distresses and travails. An incessant assailment of wants of every kind has it been to make their ever-miserable lives messier, tortuous and unlivable. They have no love lost for this government which not even has ever bothered to know what ails their lives, leave alone bringing in cures. But no trust or confidence have they either in the opposition flanks, not the least in MNS. If the ruling PPP clan has been so apathetic to their doleful predicament, the opposition camp has been no different. It, too, has ignored and neglected them to remain wholly enmeshed in its own self-serving politicking. No exception has been MNS himself. If the PPP led by President Asif Zardari has spawned the devious device of reconciliation for the pursuit of its power politics, MNS has invented the deceptive contrivance of democracy project to the same end. In the popular perception, both swim in the same cesspool of lust for power, money and wealth, with AZ being haunted by his scams while MNS’s skeletons waiting impatiently on judicial floors to chase him. Piety indeed is the one thing that the people see so conspicuous by its absence across the political spectrum.And if MNS thinks with the very belated ruse of his much-hyped economic agenda proffered to the government he had wooed the masses, he is badly mistaken. He had not, veritably. The people had cried foul then; they are crying foul now. It is not slogans they want to hear; it is concrete ideas they want to hear of. On that score, Zardari & Co has, of course, demonstrated its bankruptcy palpably. But MNS’s barrenness stands exposed, too. What has he in his plans to fix the country’s broken economy, he seemingly himself doesn’t know. His economic agenda was more politics than economics, unarguably. And if he somehow has come to believe he is a leader on whose call the people would storm the street, he better disabuse himself of it. And the sooner, the better. His charmed circle may not be telling him he is not what he thinks himself to be. Not a giant but a minnow. The people are not with him. They have long abandoned him as had he betrayed them. Political reputes or popularities are never permanent; those are invariably transient and fragile. One-time political giants are not unknown slipping into unpopularity and eternal anonymity. Then, MNS has never been a giant, really. A dwarf fallaciously catapulted to big pedestal by invisible hands he in reality has been. Indeed, in the popular eye, he ranks squarely among the current crop of so-called leaders flush at once with mediocrity and hypocrisy. He would do well to pull back from his adventurous course. The nation would do without the turbulence his and his co-adventurists’ dirty politicking would spawn to add its hapless citizenry’ multitudes of biting woes. If he has something big in his mind, albeit a remote possibility, for the people’s wellbeing, he must come out with it and put Zardari & Co on test. Otherwise, he better spare the beleaguered nation from his own mediocrity and hypocrisy, at least.
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