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پیر، 4 جولائی، 2011

US unveils new anti-terrorism strategy

The United States has introduced radical changes to its anti-terrorism strategy. The White House will no longer engage in intensive military operations abroad. Instead, it will go on the defensive. And Washington plans dialogue with the “Muslim Brotherhood”, triggering worldwide concerns.
The United States has thus wound up its “global campaign against terrorism”. According to presidential advisor John Brennan, from now on, the major focus will be on pinpoint strikes against terrorist groups and anti-terrorism efforts at home. Andrei Volodin, who heads the Oriental Research Center at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, describes this twist in anti-terrorism policies as a desperate measure.
"The US’ domestic debt is nearing 14.5 trillion dollars. Further spending would only make matters worse for America, which is one of the world’s major debtors. Apart from the economic problems, the US suffered defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq and failed to hit its targets in Libya."
The US is not waging a war against Islam, a White House spokesman said. It is fighting against al-Qaeda. To this end, Washington will team up with the authorities in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan and North Africa to conduct joint operations against al-Qaeda. With regards to rogue countries, the United States will no longer meddle in the domestic affairs of Iran, Syria or North Korea. Advisor John Brennan says that Washington will deal with these countries through diplomatic methods. Gumer Isayev, an expert from the St.Petersburg-based Center for the Middle East, is skeptical about the statements.
"So far, the United States has been prying in the domestic affairs of many Middle Eastern countries, Libya, and indirectly – in Syria. It looks like it’s playing diplomatic games. The Obama administration is more concerned about proclaiming slogans and announcing projects than taking action. The much-promising statements made by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are populist by nature."
The announcement of a new anti-terrorism strategy was followed by Mrs.Clinton’s statement to the effect that American diplomats have established contact with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the hope of “building a genuine democracy” in the country. President of the Russian Society for the Promotion of Friendship and Business Ties with Arab Countries Vyacheslav Matuzov has described this statement as a trick. The CIA, he said, has been controlling the Muslim Brotherhood since the middle of last century. Osama bin Laden was said to have been a CIA agent too.
"Talk that the Muslim Brotherhood is an independent international organization and has to be reckoned with for political considerations is used to conceal plans to create moderate Islamic forces like in Turkey. In fact, forces much tougher than in Turkey, with a different political agenda, which would be entirely under the control of the CIA. A dangerous trend, as I see it."
The Muslim Brotherhood is banned in many countries, Russia included. And as the new government in Egypt is taking steps to build bridges with Iran, experts warn that the US may scald itself severely on such a partnership.
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