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پیر، 11 جولائی، 2011

“thank you” Obama

New York Times had reported that the Obama administration would hold back about $800 million in aid to the Pakistani military because Washington was unhappy with Pakistan's expulsion of US military trainers and its campaign against militants.

It could be no surprising, this stoppage of the American military aid. A debt-ridden America fighting a costly lost Afghan war has not just been making a scapegoat of Pakistan for its collapses in that battle. Unrelentingly, it has also been twisting its arm to stick its neck out and somehow pull its chestnuts out of the fire in Afghanistan. But what to speak of Pakistan, not even the world’s armies together can now bail out America from that quagmire, so awry has gone its Afghan foray. For America’s foibles, failures and shenanigans in Afghanistan, Pakistan has got enough on its own plate to contend with. And its overstretched military cannot afford to pile up more load on its back by launching into an operation in North Waziristan that the American warlords want it to demandingly. But there too is much perfidy to this American demand. They contend that this tribal agency serves the sanctuary of the Afghan Taliban’s Haqqani group and its al-Qaeda allies, from where they plan and launch attacks on the American and their allied coalition forces in Afghanistan. But this, factually, is a huge deceit, a big lie. For, the Haqqanis command unstinted support of all the tribes in the entire eastern Afghanistan, the whole of which are under their complete sway. They need no outside safe havens for planning or staging attacks. They have their bases inside the region; they plan their actions there; they launch their attacks from there. And without any hindrance or obstruction, as the whole of the region is practically outside the pale of the occupying armies. If indeed they really deem the Haqqani group the only irritant left to deal with for their Afghan war’s success, why have they not secured the region so far? It is only the other day that their commanding general in Afghanistan David Petraeus declared that the coalition forces would move in to subdue and capture the region. It is only after having conquered the region they can plausibly and legitimately claim North Waziristan being Haqqani group’s redoubt, if at all. As for the present, their assertion could only be a big skullduggery, which in reality it is out-and-out. In any case, they are getting away with their monkeyshine unscathed and unharmed for the sheer ineptitude and lackadaisicalness of an Islamabad establishment that hates to speak up even when this country, its leaderships, its institutions, its military and its intelligence agencies are vilified, demonised and pilloried wholesale by the aliens shrilly and churlishly. It is for this inept establishment that the US myth of $20 billion of US aid to Pakistan stays a myth, unbroken and unravelled. Not even an amount anywhere in near proximity of this sum has been provided in aid to Pakistan over this long period of ten years or since this country was roped in the US-led patently false war on terror. And whatever had come in to Pakistan was mostly in reimbursement of what it had spent on this American war from its own treasury. Quite a hefty sum of that imbursement is still stuck up on the American floors for repayment. Over the period, on the other hand, Pakistan has suffered on account of this deceitful war economic losses running into staggering some $68 billion. And the human fatalities and disabilities that this country has incurred on this account are in thousands. The schisms that this disingenuous war has driven into our national unity, cohesion and solidarity are an unbearable painful extra. By every consideration, we indeed would be far well off without this mythical US aid. With pittance, they have already shoved us into hell. And with pittance they now want to push our hand into an inferno. And not even the posterity would forgive this Islamabad establishment if for once it doesn’t muster up the pluck and doesn’t stand up even now. Say it must to the Americans: thank you for stopping your aid; but now leave us alone to clear the cruel mess that you have created for us by your spectacular collapse in Afghanistan. The prime minister is all welcome to keep attending the July 4 US celebrations here in their Islamabad embassy and abroad in their consulates in minor cities. But he must let the nation get riddance from the US stranglehold that is already bleeding it white in every manner and will otherwise leave it wholly bled white ultimately.
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