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منگل، 5 جولائی، 2011

US game in the region has entered its most dangerous phase

The State of Pakistan is equally responsible for the mess it allowed to be created within its region. Unlike Washington that has always had a flexible, well though narrative to shape the environment, Islamabad has never cared or bothered to evolve a proper cohesive plan. The entire operation in the past 10 years has been reactive and the sole domain of the army. The establishment ever evaluated alarm bells being raised by both the Pakistani and foreign analysts. It seems that having remained in constant touch with the USA through military diplomacy and Foreign Office, the ability to think clearly was eclipsed by being an insider and exclusivity syndrome. Sermons by the American Ambassadors, visiting dignitaries and the façade of aid also played its part in lowering the guard. Hence, step by step, the Pakistani leadership allowed the entire backwash of US operations to be pushed into the country under a misperceived strategic concept and false assurances.

What a pity! What has become of our sovereignty? The incisive American interference was now for pretty long no secret. And whatever little mist was there that has been cleared off completely by the cartload of WikiLeaks diplomatic cable stuff. Of late, the Americans’ voice is not just decisive in the making of this country’s governments. Their mere frown is enough for our quarreling power players to set aside their fracas and disputes. But have been turned into their slaves, courtesy our hierarchs, that now they feel not the least inhibited in telling us who we must take as our friend and who as our enemy? India, they tell us, couldn’t be our enemy but only friend. It doesn’t matter if it keeps the bulk of its huge military might deployed against us; or if it has raised a rapid-action strike command to attack Pakistan along its Punjab-Rajasthan sector; or if its military commanders have been menacingly propounding the doctrines of fighting a war under nuclear overhang with Pakistan simultaneously along with China. It doesn’t matter either if the nuclear sale deal that America has wangled from its own Congress, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAE A) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group, providing all the space to India to divert its own indigenous nuclear materials to making bombs. Nor does it matter if India worked decisively at the WTO to get quashed a limited EU trade preferential treatment to Pakistan. The American lords want Pakistan to gulp up all this ungrudgingly and take India as its friend, since they have determined it to be so. But would have they taken a similar determination from any outsider when the Soviet Union had deployed a battery of nuclear missiles in Cuba? Wasn’t it that so threatened they felt that in retaliation they set their own nuclear assets in Turkey targeted at the Soviet Union, leaving the world cold with fear of an imminent nuclear war? And didn’t they scream out deafeningly then that Cuba was an enemy they would knock out of the earth if worse came to the worst?What indeed is it that the Americans think that they just to command and we, Pakistanis, are only to obey? As if the shenanigans of their CIA and its contractors and agents in this country were not enough of it, they reportedly now want their military officers to be post in each and all our corps headquarters. Not just that. They want us to stop producing ammonium nitrate at once, as they claim this popular fertiliser is used by Afghan insurgents for making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to fatally attack the American and coalition forces in Afghanistan. So it doesn’t matter if our agriculture goes to the dogs; but stop we must this productive fertiliser’s manufacturing. But plugging off the border to stop its trafficking, if at all it is going from Pakistan, doesn’t come to them as they think this is none of their job but the others’ job. Presently, the Mexicans are having a big dose of this American medicine. On the stiff urgings of Washington, they have launched into a blood-soaked war against the drug of mafias in their country. But they are shouting from the rooftops that the war is costing them intolerable human and material losses, primarily because the Americans are not controlling the border on their side, leaving it free for drug mafias to escape into the American territory as well as to procure arm supplies from there freely for their fight against the Mexican security forces. But the Americans would have none of it. They just want the Mexican authorities to keep on fighting but secure the border they would not as it not possible to secure. But the same they are doing to us. Destroy safe havens and sanctuaries of the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters that they assert exist in our tribal areas. But destroy they would not militants’ sanctuaries on their side, say in Kunar and Nuristan provinces, from where the thugs have launched at least five attacks on our villages, police stations and border posts in these very times. So is it that they think we have turned into their slaves whose lives, limbs and blood count for not even a dime? Over these times, President Barack Obama has said so many times he would do all to secure the American people’s lives. Yes, he must. But after the 9/11, the American lives are secure and safe as no terrorist strike has occurred in America again. But in the US-led spurious war on terror, we have lost at least 35,000 precious lives of our men, women and children. Then how many more lives have to sacrifice for this American slavery?
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