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پیر، 11 جولائی، 2011

Washington’s Iranophobia

By Ghulam Asghar Khan

The stepping up of the long ongoing rhetoric by Washington over Tehran’s peaceful nuclear programme is part of its fear mongering plan to poison world opinion to cover-up its own atrocities in the eyes of the international community. The UK, France, Israel and some NATO countries are hands-in-glove with Washington in their malicious campaign to propagate Iranophobia in the Middle East and the world at large. In Europe, British government has all along been using Iran as the scapegoat to mitigate its economic vows by trumpeting over Iran’s nuclear programme to cool down the nationwide dissent over lingering Afghanistan, Iraq wars and now a new NATO suicidal escapade in Libya.The already lingering tensions between Washington and Tehran became much clearer today, when according to a “Wall Street Journal” report, some senior US officials have alleged that the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has provided lethal weapons to Iran’s allies in Iraq and the militant Taliban in Afghanistan.According to the report, the “Guard” smuggled rocket-propelled grenades in order to allow longer range attacks on American troops in the region. Apparently, this is an attempt to speed up US withdrawal from these countries. However, the “Journal” and the US hierarchy seem to lack any ability to think with even a remote semblance of logic.Why would Iran look to strain already frail links with the West, knowing fully well that they were itching for an excuse to ramp up efforts to attack Iran? Why would they give US more reasons to justify keeping troops in its neighbouring countries? There is no sense in funnelling arms to the Taliban knowing fully well that this would give credence to another troop surge. The fact that Iran still exists as a sovereign nation after all these years of saber rattling, can anybody assume that they are dumb enough to engage in such short-sighted and pointless adventurism? The Americans do indulge in such foolish adventurism. How could Tehran be so clueless to give Washington ammunition to justify a pre-emptive attack on Iran? In fact the pre-emptive war was an invention of Hitler, which Washington follows so religiously in the 3rd Millennium to lead the world to Armageddon. One doesn’t think they could be that imbecilic, but it is a possibility. William Shakespeare said, “It is excellent to have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant. But, Washington is still committing that blunder. In America, the Democrats have become what the Republicans used to be, and unfortunately, the Republicans have become lunatics. It is an American (Phil Gasper) who said this, not the Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Like an accomplished philosopher, Ahmadinejad believes that change never comes to a people, unless and until, those concerned have worked out their salvation. And it’s gospel truth and final proof of God’s Omnipotence. Iran has exercised all its power to restore peace and stability to the region and to that extent it has extended all the cooperation to its neighbouring countries for economic redemption, much to the disliking of Western powers. The Western states are trying to eclipse Tehran’s efforts by an Iranophobia plot that is unleashed through the Anglo-US media campaign. Iran has been pursuing a policy of rendering assistance to its eastern neighbour for the last three decades, including sheltering of more than three million Afghan refugees, after 9/11 when Washington devastated Afghanistan. Tehran has all along been working for peace and stability in the neighbouring Islamic countries and has extended a hand of friendship to all its neighbours, which Washington wants to sever once and for all.In his recent visit to Kabul, Iranian interior minister Mostafa Najjar said that the US was planning to establish military bases in Afghanistan that would allow American troops to remain in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 withdrawal deadline.Somehow, there is some lurking fear in Washington that the moment they loosen their hold on Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran emerges as a power to be reckoned with in the region. This self created phobia has virtually possessed all the American rulers since the ouster of Reza Shah Pehlevi in 1979 by the religious clergy led by Imam Khomeini. The US attempt to dislodge the Iranian clergy by prompting a full-fledged war with Iraq in 1980s failed because of the resilience of the Iranian people. The entire US military hierarchy is possessed by a nightmare wherein they see Tehran as the biggest threat to the US expansionist designs in the Central and South East Asia. Major General James Buchanan, the top spokesman for the American military in Iraq, claimed that he saw Iranian-backed groups continuing to maintain high attack levels in Iraq. At the same time he failed to explain the logic behind Iran seeking to increase attack efforts as means of ousting the US from the region.The proof that the arms came from Iran is far from Iron-clad. The Pentagon has probably, traced the Taliban weaponry back to Iran through their markings and location when discovered.This gave Washington a high degree of confidence that it had ultimately uncovered source of arms supply to the Taliban. But this looks little bit less plausible. If this was the only proof of Tehran supplying arms with “made-in-Iran” tags or embossments, it certainly reflects the prejudice of WSJ (Wall Street Journal). How could Tehran be that foolish to show red rag to the “bull” that has run amok? It is a bit unethical for WSJ to run with this report as if it was irrefutable. Perhaps, it is a morbid feeling of being possessed by Iranophobia by the US and its western allies in Afghanistan, where they are fast loosing the ground after ten long years of occupation.According to some US officials, Tehran has allegedly sent military advisers to Damascus to help Syria’s Bashar al-Assad crush the popular Syrian uprising. There also are claims of increased propaganda activities in Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen where Washington had puppet regimes. So, Iran is the only Muslim country that much to the annoyance of the US and its satellites is being ruled by a popular government that has the courage to defy the might of the corporate American rulers. The US intelligence, propaganda and military escapades in the Middle East indicate an increasing intensity to rip apart Iran.Not surprisingly, the Israeli media has jumped on the Iranophobia bandwagon, claiming that it is not Washington that is worried about Iran’s military strength. But there are “different nations in the M-East, covertly referring to some US-sponsored Muslim rulers, who are expressing concern over Iran’s so-called military aspirations and regional influence. Instead of falling for thisAmerican/Israeli juggernaut that will bulldoze all these dictators and occupy their lands, they should look to Iranian role model to win their own people, not with American arms but through unpolluted democracy. That’s the only path to emancipation of the Muslim rulers.

(The Frontier Post)

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