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پیر، 1 اگست، 2011

Quetta bus attacks

A complete shutter down strike was observed in the provincial capital on Sunday, condemning the killing of 11 people of Shia acommunity on Saturday. At least 11 people, including a woman, were killed and three others were injured when vehicle was attacked near a bus stop on spiny Road. The attackers were believed to be the activists of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi a banned religious outfit.

The catastrophically fatal terrorist strikes of Quetta of these past two days spotlight culpably how flute-playing Neros are the ruling political bosses and their subordinate law-enforcers alike. Under their very noses, the vile thugs are playing holi with the innocent blood of our hapless citizens and they both are sitting pretty, at best proffering empty rhetoric or trotting out implausible excuses where robust actions are required indispensably. The political rulers dish out routinely condemnation massages as if their words of compassion are a magical balm that would soothe the hearts of the grief-stricken and their brave vows of not bowing down to the thugs would scare them to flee and abandon their murder trade. Not ashamed are they even a wee bit after the thugs pooh-pooh their brave talk the very next day by shedding the innocent blood of our compatriots in terrorist assaults, bomb blasts and suicide bombings.And their subordinate security apparatus is as inept as are they. Since no questions are asked and no heads roll, the law-enforcers have taken it that their job is not to prevent the wicked terrorists’ thuggery but only to tell after they have struck if it was a suicide bombing or a bomb blast, and what was the weight of the explosives used and who the perpetrators of the bloodletting could be. And they get away with this device, whereas they should be on the mat for inexcusable dereliction of duty. Indeed, by matching up their lackadaisicalness and ineptness with each other, both have opened up the country to the thugs as an expansive ground for their free run to kill and maim our people with their unobstructed wickedness. Whatever excuses they may invent and come up with, the bland fact is neither is pushed about this bloodshed of our innocent. Their indefensible failure to swoop on the lairs of the thugs and disable them before they crawl out and strike is enough of a manifest that they have planned no strategy whatsoever to face up to their monstrous vileness. In Quetta, the Hazara community has not come under terrorist assault only now. It has been the target of unmistakably sectarian terrorism for pretty long. And the attackers do not descend from the sky. Even if the activists of the outlawed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi are involved, as the thugs often claim, they act from lairs inside the metropolis. Even if they come from outside, they have their complicit in the city who hide and aid them. Then, what have the city police and the CID been doing to unearth their lairs and accomplices when their savage bloodletting has been going on for so long? Obviously, both the law-enforcing outfits are hibernating, unmoved by this incessant carnage of the smallish distressed Hazara community? And they both are sleeping blissfully as no questions are being asked of them by the political bosses.Certainly the time has come for the political leadership to wake up and know that the country is in the throes of a very vile urban terrorism. It is not just Quetta that is burning. Karachi too is in spiraling flames. And amn rallies and amn committees are just no answer to the tough fight required against an urban terrorism being waged by vicious lashkars and jaishes and accursed outfits of professional mercenary killers of their ilk. Yes, dismantling and demobilising of militias by various political, ethnic and confessional outfits and snapping of their ties with the underworld, as is evidently in very much play in the port city, is of essence in taking on the vicious dark forces of terrorism and bloodshed. That levels up the ground for both the political rulers and their subordinate security apparatus to move in powerfully to track down and decimate in their lairs the terrorist killer brigades indulging in their orgies of death and destruction in the name of religion. But to fight out urban terrorism, a robust, orchestrated and sustained strategy and action plan are essentially needed. Appallingly, the incumbent ruling political leadership has it not. It even doesn’t have even some haphazard policy to this end. At least now, it must work out a counterterrorism strategy and put it in action. Otherwise, Karachi will remain a killing field. And Quetta too will see no peace. And other parts of the country would remain under the dark shadows of terrorism for times to come.
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