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جمعہ، 23 نومبر، 2012

Israeli Nazis vs. German Nazis

It’s a victory for Hamas and vindication of its ability to defend against aggression. It’s a victory for the people of Gaza and a blazoning of their courage under horrendous attack. And it’s a victory for the world’s decent people who oppose a fiendish Zionism bent on destroying Islam.

 It’s also a defeat for the Zionists. It’s a defeat for the American and British scum who lied that Hamas started it and who openly encouraged Israel to slaughter civilians with gruesome weapons. And it’s a defeat for the corrupt, perverted thieves of the Persian Gulf autocracies who wanted Gaza to be destroyed for daring to be democratic and have a genuinely popular government. One thing is certain: the Persian Gulf monarchs are being reminded that they are despised the world over and it won’t be long before they are overthrown by another great wave of Arab democracy.

But let nobody have any illusions. Peace has not come to Palestine. The nasty truth is that the Zionists have committed, are committing, and will commit, genocide. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group. Backed by toe-rags and vicious twerps in America, UK, France, Canada and the Persian Gulf monarchies, the genocide is being forwarded, bit by bit, year by year. A look at the map of Palestine as it has changed from 1947 to today reveals everything. The Palestinians now exist only on tiny slivers of land and are constantly being pressurized and squeezed. Operation Pillar of Cloud is just the latest episode of slashing, blasting, slicing and poisoning at which Israel is so adept.

The Zionists are Nazis. The German Nazis had a policy of lebensraum which was a determination to remove all Slavic people from the plains and steppes of Eastern Europe. The biggest and most terrible battles of the Second World War took place in Eastern Europe. It is not widely known that the Jews suffered little in comparison to the suffering of the Slavs who were viewed as sub-human by the Nazis and, like animals, could be killed at will.

Following a similar policy of lebensraum, the Nazi Zionists want a Jewish state in the lands of Palestine from the eastern end of the Mediterranean right across to the river Tigris. These lands are to be made ‘racially’ pure i.e., to have only Jews and no Muslims or Christians. Strutting like Nazi gauleiters (not ‘like’, they actually are Nazi gauleiters), the Zionists view all present inhabitants of these lands as sub-human, as animals. Bit by bit, atrocity by atrocity, they are determined to create a racist, Zionist, state.

Israel has no borders and it has no borders because it, and the USA which hates Islam, is determined to expand, slaughtering whenever the circumstances allow, so that it can populate lands free from Arabs or others.

    There is, of course, one difference between the Israeli Nazis and the German Nazis. The German Nazis were opposed by the USA and UK whereas the Zionist Nazis have their backing. The USA and UK backed the killings of Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9 just as they have backed the killings of the present Operation Pillar of Cloud. We should remember that the given figures for dead and wounded are grossly understated because, beneath the acres of rubble created by the Zionists trying to bomb Gaza back to the Stone Age, there are hundreds of unrecovered dead and, alas, even more wounded who cannot be rescued and who are dying slowly and painfully even as the Gazan crowds understandably celebrate their victory.

And let nobody think that the West has lessened its control over Arabs and Islam. If President Morsi of Egypt had announced that the Egyptian army was moving to the defence of Gazan citizens, the Arab world would have risen in support and, at the same time, overthrown many of the slimy dictators. Egypt has over four hundred combat-worthy jets, three thousand heavy front-line tanks, half a million regulars and nearly half a million reserves. Morsi could have done it and he would have become Morsi The Great, a figure to be honoured in history. Most importantly, the Egyptian army, an institution completely disgraced by venal corruption and its repression of the Egyptian people, would have had a chance to regain its dignity and honour.

But Morsi lacked the imagination and the courage to grasp the opportunity which history was offering to him largely because he has made the mistake of borrowing money from outside thereby putting himself under the control of the Americans. A country should never borrow from abroad: it should only ever borrow from its own national bank.

So, alas, Morsi The Great was not to be and he and Egypt have missed the present chance to lead the forces of history. The USA, UK, Canada and France have apparently organised a retreat but it’s only a small one and they will soon again be helping the Zionists conduct another ghastly massacre of women and children.

These countries talk of peace but they never admit the big underlying issue which is that they, and Israel, do not want peace. Peace would require that Israel has fixed borders behind which it would have to stay. But, with fixed borders, the Zionist state could not expand and that is why the USA always vetoes all UN resolutions against Israel.

However, the world is changing and another chance for Morsi and Egypt will come if courage and determination, like those of the Gazans, are shown. The arrogant Western powers are weakening economically and politically. America has lost all moral authority. The Non Aligned Movement countries are beginning to organise themselves against Western imperialist domination. On 29th November the UN General Assembly gets a chance to forward the cause of decency and democracy by voting for recognition of Palestine as an independent state.

Let us hope the General Assembly takes the chance to vote for and we will also be able to see exactly who are the anti-democrats, perverts and killers voting against.

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