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پیر، 7 جنوری، 2013

Fear and terror on Pakistani soil

While there are parts of Pakistan such as Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where the security situation, admittedly, continues to deteriorate, Karachi presents an especially alarming picture in view of an almost unstoppable spree of killing on ethnic, sectarian and political grounds.

The gruesome acts of violence and terror have been continuing unabated on our soil for the last many years. However its current face has witnessed an alarming increase during the last five years.

Thousands of innocent people including a large number of our gallant security forces have also been martyred as a result of these heinous attacks of violence and terror.

These terrorists and the foes of this land have, of course, sat up their own network of terror and fear across the country. Their acts of terror are not confined to any one part or region of the country but to the whole country. Although the federal and the provincial governments have initiated a full scale war to curb this menace but it seems that the governmental machinery is also totally helpless to take them in to task.

In the presence of all the foolproof security measures taken by the government, their continued acts of violence and terror are no doubt beyond our comprehension. Despite the tall claims of the rulers to defeat these anti-state elements, they have so far been not successful to achieve the targets.

The latest example of such gruesome and heinous acts of terror can be found in the shape of a suicide act on Bashir Bilour, a key political figure of this Pakhtun belt. Prior to this, the terrorist attack on Bacha Khan Airport Peshawar, and the Jamrud bomb blast is also an eye opener for all of us. Despite of all the stringent measures and steps taken by the security forces on all fronts, the attacks on the sensitive installations raise many eye brows in the minds and hearts of our people. In this sense the internal intrigues and conspiracies hatched by the anti state and anti Muslim elements cannot be ruled out as well. It was also said by the interior minister Rehman Malik that locals were involved in acts of terrorism, adding that no one was coming from abroad. The insurgents and saboteurs cannot penetrate in the cities without the back and support of the behind curtain elements. Thus it may also be cited without any exaggeration that perhaps some hidden forces might be actively involved to pass them secret but reliable information. It is due to this reason that the terrorist and miscreants are at large not only in the tribal belts of Khyber Pakhtunhwa but in the entire parts of our country as well.

However it is worth mentioning that the government agencies have also not been able to collect solid information regarding the where about of these gangs these miscreants. The statements and hand outs issued by the government circles are mostly based upon their experience and hypotheses. Thus it clearly indicates the total failure of our government to overcome the ongoing spate of terrorism on our soil.

Terrorists, having no religion, are the foes of humanity. They are even not deserving or entitled to be called human beings. Therefore in order to root out this malady from our soil, we should all have to be united on a single plate form irrespective of our political ideology and affiliation. The people are also no more prepared to rely on the promises and statements given by the government. They have come to know that only their unity and solidarity among their ranks can safeguard and protect them from this evil. After the issuance of the contradictory statements by the responsible circles, the people themselves are on high alert. It is therefore binding upon the government circles to issue meaningful statements rather consoling them and take the people into confidence regarding the occurrence of so called brutal acts on our soil. Dozens of people are brutally in Karachi on daily basis while the silence of the relevant quarter is strange and above understanding.

It should also be reminded to the rulers that security of the whole country is their sole responsibly. They should not restrict themselves to Islamabad only. They should also keep themselves cognizant and abreast of all the situations of the country. Otherwise the terrorist will remain at large and the blood of the innocent people will shed just for no reason or cause. Let us pledge to narrow down their existence, so that they may not be successful to attain their nefarious designs.

The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Amir Haider Khan Hoti has also said that combating terrorism is the cry of the day. It is better to take a united stand instead to fall prey one by one to these terrorists who are hell bent to shatter the very existence of our nation. The statement issued by the C.M is also based upon reality because the ANP workers have rendered innumerable sacrifices in the ongoing state of terror and fear in our country particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Apart from ANP no worker or leader of any other outfit is on the hit list or target of these elements.

But in spite of all this the ANP is still under fire for the prevailing massacre of the innocent people. But factually it becomes the responsibility and duty of all the political parties and stake holders of the country to steer the country out of the existent state of war and lawlessness it is a collective problem which needs to be resolved through collective wisdom. All the parties must take a united stand to do away this menace. It is not the exclusive problem of any single party.

 By Shaukat Hayat Buneri

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