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جمعہ، 4 جنوری، 2013

Fourth generation war on Pakistani soil

The increased incidents of terrorism allude to the existential threat to the country as terrorists are striking at will creating panic and uncertainty about what is in store for the country in the months and years ahead. There are also separatist movements especially in Balochistan, which are known to be sponsored by those who want to destabilize Pakistan

On January 01, 2013, four people were killed and 45 others got serious injuries in wake of bomb-blast, exploded after the people were leaving the gathering venue, listening to the speech, made by Dr. Tahirul-Dadri. As the year 2013 ushers as it affirmed that people in Pakistan are more used to listening that at every moment, a terrorist incident is imminent. This remains as unending chronicle, which divulges that some long-term agenda is being pursued. The tactics which are being utilized also document the fourth generation warfare.

In 1989, a group of US military personnels defined first time the warfare in certain four generations. Each genre stems its originality from the military tactics and strategies, used by the states in attempt to achieve their desired political goals. Among them, the fourth one is aimed at pushing the enemy towards such a state of circumstances where it may scarcely be recovered. This phase is the direct outcome of the indirect confrontation between the two poles of the international power projection during Cold-War era.
Actually, the fourth generation warfare (FGW) evolves the goals, strategies and tactics to weaken the enemy's political, economical, social and military infrastructure and to decimate its capacity to resist without waging a war through indirect measures. Hammes describes FGW "an evolved form of insurgency that does not attempt to win by defeating the enemy's military forces. Instead, via the networks (political, economic, social, and military), it directly attacks the minds of enemy decision makers to destroy the enemy's political will."

Rhetorically, this is to combine the goals, strategies and tactics at the soil of adversarial or the abhorred state. Talking on the goal, the offensive state pursues to ensure its own survival in the ongoing power struggle, power projection, security competition and even the erupted conflicts. Sneakily, it asserts to make the other side convinced that achieving the policy goal is possibly hard.

Articulating the acute strategies, it seeks to splinter the rival's economic, political, social and military capability so that it may vitally be put to mort and its sighs to counter-act could be very tenuous and shabby. Even the disinformation campaign through media conduit for pursuit of making malaise in regard of the state-B, religious (ideological), linguistic, cultural and historical traditional tenets is chosen as an instrumental policy.

Tactically, the mechanism, pursued by the offensive state is to undergo the following a certain set of acute rules. The targeted state is divided ethnically, linguistically, religiously and socio-economically. The targeted is put to turmoil and it is not allowed to continue its long-term policies. The civil-military relations are severely destroyed. The civil and military policy-making and even decision-making are annoyingly estranged with each other.

The defense spending is ebbed through influencing the national decision making. It is tried to segregate the sources which produce the income. The diplomatic image is abrogated. Finally, the targeted state is engaged and embroiled in the internal chaos and a complete disorder. Thus, the situation is expected so dismal for the states that it may surrender without firing a single bullet.

Coherently speaking, the Pakistani soil has become the target for waging such kind of the war in the most recent contemporary era. The crime it committed nominally is to develop the nuclear weaponry in order to defend its boundaries and to check the nuclear black-mailing by an apparently powerful country. Since it detonated or explicated its capability in shape of Chaghi-5 in May 28, 1998, the international establishment with the close collaboration of the regional rival come up the floor and started to coerce Pakistan fro withdrawing as a nuclear power. Thus, the ongoing war is or has been converted towards denuclearizing Pakistan.

Accordingly, the world witnesses that Pakistan has become the target of TRICA-operatives and jingoists (CIA, MOSSAD and RAW). Pakistani innocent people and even security personals are being chopped up abundantly. In a sole year, 2012, some 1185 terroristic incidents took place, leaving 2750 dead and numbers in thousands injured. Economically, Pakistani soil has been converted into a mainland less-conducive for both foreign and domestic investment.

The completely national embodiment is bleeding due to the gloomy tumor in the shape of armed clashes between the mafia-men in Karachi and between the sectarian battling starting from the Gilgit-Baltistan downward the shores of Arabian Sea. On 9 October 2012, Yousafzai was shot in the head and neck in an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen while returning home on a school bus. Balochistan has become the target point where state's writ is being challenged specifically in its B-rural areas. BLF is getting out of control and is assisted in subject of cash, training, safe-haven and sympathies through media propaganda.
The armed forces and the considerable defense installations are viciously under terrorists attack. On 22 May 2011, an intense attack was made at PNS Mehran--the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy's Naval Air Arm and the most populous Pakistani military installation, located near the PAF's Faisal Air Force Base of Karachi, Sindh. In the course of the event, 15 attackers killed 18 military personnels and wounded 16. According to the United States and Western intelligence sources, the attack was far more dangerous than the 2009 Pakistan Army General Headquarters attack, and was better planned and more organized than the earlier attacks.

Similarly, on December 15, 2012 a terrorists attack sparked a protracted gunfire and required authorities to close the airport, a commercial hub and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base in the metropolitan. The attack left as many as 15 dead, including a police official, while 48 others were injured when rockets descended upon the BKIA.

The water reserves of the eastern rivers (Jhelum, Chenab and Indus) in accordance with Indus Basin Treaty 1960 are assigned to Pakistan for national utility. Nonetheless, India is entailed in heinous acts of diverting these waters through illegal dams and tunnels on The Chenab and The Jhelum. This baleful act is aimed at downplaying the Pakistani agricultural potential for survival as the said rivers are the source of providing water to sustain the canal system in Punjab which remains as one of the largest canal system in the world.

Making the final words, the sadistic pictures are enough to divulge that the FGW has been implementing on the Pakistani soil which remains full of concerns for the whole nation commonly and the security establishment specifically. Thus, to counteract pragmatically lies in the prime rights of the national for which the policy making pundits and the decision-making junta are equally be dependable. To be candid, these are the very crucial moments for building harmony between the nation and the national armed forces. Standing integrated and also behind the forces are the instruments for expunging the tumor we are plunged in.

By  Muhammad Irfan

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