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اتوار، 18 نومبر، 2012

What color is the blood of Gazans?

As Israel prepares to invade Palestine the media war has been cranked up to full blast. The West claims Hamas is a terroist organization, Israel claims Hamas has no right to defend the territories, rockets have hit Jerusalem, Egypt has come out in support of the Palestinians and no one is ready for peace. The violence threatens to destabilize the entire region which would give the West the impetus for invading Iran and Syria. Hopefully this is wrong but it is a distinct possibility.


 The Zionist state of Israeli once again lead aggression on Palestine targeting on Saturday Rafah in southern Gaza killing at least four civilians in the air attack. This assault has taken the overall death toll from the aerial campaign to 38 in two days. The worst part of it was the raid on a refugee camp at Maghazi in central Gaza. At the same time, President Barack Obama spoke separately to Israeli and Egyptian leaders on Friday night as violence escalated in Gaza and Israel signaled a possible ground invasion. Palestinian militants took aim at Jerusalem for the first time on Friday, launching a rocket attack on the holy city, which both sides claim, as Israel pressed forward with a relentless campaign of airstrikes against Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Obama Friday to provide an update on the situation and appreciated Obama and the American people for US investment in the Iron Dome rocket and mortar defence system, which has been used to defend Israel against rocket attacks from Gaza, saving many Israeli lives. Obama reiterated US support for Israel's "right to self-defense" and discussed possible ways to scale back the conflict. In his talk with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, President Obama hoped that Cairo would help the world community in scaling down the offensive and in resolving the situation as quickly as possible.

It was the first time that Hamas carried out rocket attacks against Israel, which has responded by assassinating the military chief of the ruling Hamas militant group and conducting dozens of airstrikes on suspected rocket-launching sites and other Hamas targets in Gaza. In all, 27 Palestinians and three Israelis were killed. Simultaneously, several pro-Palestinian demonstration were held condemning Israeli authorities for their aggression. The protest rally outside the White House on Friday night chanted slogans denouncing Netanyahu and the Israeli army. Similar rallies were held in Italy and some other European countries. The protesters said Israel would not conduct air strikes without U.S. support and called on Obama to end "bloodthirsty attacks" by Israel.

Meanwhile, Egypt President Mohammad Morsi called Pakistani prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf seeking Islamabad's help in taking up the latest Middle East issue to the United Nations. He called PM Ashraf by telephone on Friday night and Pakistan, in response, strongly condemned Israeli air attacks not only on Hamas leadership in Gaza but also innocent people. Islamabad also assured the Egyptian head of state all out cooperation in denouncing aggression by Tel Aviv.

The idea of Egypt's president of moving the United Nations with the latest Israeli aggression may interest logic and academic discussion. But who does not know how the issue will be confronted by the United States and its western allies who have been supporting the Zionists state till its illegitimate birth under the Balfour Declaration of May 1948. This is also no secret that while the UN Security Council has attempted to pass numerous resolutions critical of Israel, Washington has vetoed almost all of them. Although there are other resolutions that demand of Israel to let Arabs and Palestinians exist in the Middle East but how far they have been respected by Tel Aviv and its protectors in the west. For example, the UN Security Council resolution demanding that Israel return land that was captured in the 1967 war (UN Resolution 242), is yet to be implemented, the entire world knows. The 1948 UN Resolution itself that allowed for both Jews and Arabs to live in Israel, has not been implemented in its letter and spirit. An additional source of frustration for the Palestinian people is that the land that is being settled by Israelis are usually prime land, and hence the various peace negotiations usually leave Palestine with the less usable land. Israel also thereby controls water sources. The non-contiguous land (Gaza and West Bank) and the Israeli control over Palestinian movement also means disconnection. Often the international community is critical of Israeli inaction, but the US always comes to the help of the Zionist state and this tactic has allowed the Middle East crisis to linger on together with the aggression of the Jewish government for more than six decades. This period only saw that Israeli land expansion and settlements have continued. It is also an old story now that with the western assistance, Israel not only has the most advanced and superior military but also nuclear weapons capabilities.

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