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جمعرات، 6 دسمبر، 2012

Attack on Jalalabad Military Base

Taliban militants fired rockets and detonated bombs outside a US base in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Sunday. Some coalition members were wounded, and the attackers killed, officials have reported.


The latest two incidents, happened on Sunday December 2, 2012 have paramountly corroborated the established tenet that the materialized climax would undeniably see the barefaced decline.
The Taliban guerrilla combatants in a group of seven personals dashed to permeate the security umbrella, arranged by the NATO king of arms in order to ensure the security of the Jalala Abad military bastion, killing various NATO soldiers and leaving several dead.

This heartbreak reveals some obvious lessons. Firstly, the surveillance and the intelligence gathering mechanism on the part of the American Agencies has failed and the capability to penetrate the rival groups, organizations and even the countries on the globe has proven to be bluff. Taliban reached without any hurdle to the main-gate of the base and ignited it with the explosive laden car, making a space to enter the NATO citadel. This is minimally an intelligence failure.

Secondly, the academia knows when the Americans invaded Afghanistan, it was explicitly propagated that the trained and well equipped American special forces including Delta Force, US Rangers and Green Beret rank among the second to none guerrilla forces which maintain the power and potential to crush the mavericks and are sophisticatedly specialized in hunting down the insurgencies or the freedom fighters will to combat, hit and run.

This incident is mandatory to discuss in a drive to estimate the capabilities of the propagated forces that remained unable to hamper the attackers from getting inside the base. Obviously, when the forces remained un-empowered to deter the attack and experienced the military causalities, their prestige and moral to win over the fighting belligerents, passionately infused to get the homeland freed from the foreign grab-snatch, cannot be sustained.

Nonetheless, the incident exposed the myths that Americans were winning the war in Afghanistan and had ensured their clench on the Afghan centers of gravity. This is adequate to swell the difficulties of the policymaking pundits and decision-making hawks in Washington D.C who appear already nervous over the growing rate of military slaughter and disadvantage throughout. According to a report made and presented by the US Air force to the head of state, the American military leadership is much restless over the increasing military causalities and the appalling destruction of the UCAVs.

This shows that the elites apprehensiveness is self-evident and is the forerunner of the strategically deterioration on one hand and predicts that the strategic misadventure on the part of the American establishment would add fuel to injury and is likely to augment swamps for the Americans defense if they open up new frontiers further. To protect the Americans interest for US armed forces would exclusively be harder. Thence, to give up the trends of offensive realism is not only in the prime interests of USA, but also it can consummately blossom sigh of respite for the international stability and peace.

Ironically, the US policy-making pundits seem no longer stopping their blatant steps and are equally keener in enlarging their military grip and presence in the areas of the strategic vitality all over the world. According to The Washington Post, the CIA has announced to enlist the Young Americans as sneaky detectives to keep watch over the growing Chinese military capabilities, the troubles in the North Africa, the Iranian nuclear activities, and its deals with North Korea.

This heralds that the world is likely to witness another cold war that may bleed further the war-torn embodiment of the humanity. One could imagine what is expected to happen when the chapter of the Afghan war is less likely to be closed and new one is ready being opened up. Accordingly, the American establishment must viably work for bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan and should coherently apply its accessible tools to boost up the declined trust among the Afghans particularly and the rest of the Muslim world commonly. That is how it could get rid of the quagmire, entrenched in the mountainous region of Afghanistan for the US soldiers.

In short, the Jalala Abad attack reminds the strategic pundits of the logic that the Afghan fighters seem more moralized in the unconventional maneuvers and may increase their guerrilla activities in the coming spam. Subsequently, the Pakistani establishment should realistically be prepared to avoid from the border incursions if Americans become agitated in wake of upcoming fighting.

By Muhammad Irfan

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