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پیر، 10 دسمبر، 2012

Western hypocrisy & Islamic militancy

When terrorists brutally assainted Gadaffi, the US called them rebels and freedom fighter. After all they killed a US enemy, and the same is true in Syria. The US is even paying Al-Qaeda operatives to assist them in changing the regime and they are being called soldiers of the "Free Libya Army". Why are armed insurgent and real terrorists, who are doing everything to destroy the legitimate power in Syria, supported and accepted? Because they are fulfiling US interests. Osama Bin Laden in another example, first he was a "Freedom Fighter" funded and backed by the US and was a "Good" guy when he was fighting the Soviet Union. Then all of a sudden he become terrorists number One. When he was no longer needed.

 Recent disclosures about Western policies in the Middle East give a stunning demonstration of the appalling lies and double standards that the West has been pursuing over the years. For now more than ten years we have been fed with the story about al Qaida who – as they want us to believe- have organized 9/11- and the need to fight against them in the so-called War against Terror in Afghanistan though not a single Afghan citizen was involved in that staged event of 9/11, where more then 3000 Jew employees working in this building were conspicuously absent on this particular day.

Under the pretensions of fighting ‘Islamic terrorism” western terrorism has flattened Iraq and Afghanistan and brought turmoil to the whole Middle East. There had been no Islamic terrorist in Iraq before the US invasion, but now there are plenty and we can read about bomb blasts and deadly suicide attacks regularly in the newspapers. The same is true for Pakistan. There was no Pakistani Taliban here before we were thrusted the unholy war of the Americans in 2001 under the threat ‘to be bombed back into stone age’. Since then Afghan war has spilled over into the FATA and Pata territories, Baluchistan is out of control of the government and heavily armed Tehrik-e-Taliban are threatening our cities, markets, mosques and government installations. Karachi is in constant crisis with daily counts of dead, abducted and injured reaching new heights and talk is now that the army has to come in to even get something like verification of voters list and delimitation of constituencies done because no government official or the relevant department is ready to perform this duty without army protection alleging that target killers and kidnapers for ransom have free for all in the city.

When we look into history we can see that since the early years of the 20th century West has promoted Islamist ideas for their own purposes. For instance Germany before and during WW I promoted pan-Islamic ideas so as to try and strengthen their ally the Ottoman Empire against Arab nationalism that tried to break it up. After WW II communism became the foremost enemy of western capitalism and British MI6 conspired with the Ikhwan –though unsuccessfully- to bring down Nasser’s government in Egypt.

Same happened in Afghanistan when the US in order to make the Afghans do the dirty work for them in fighting Russia promoted jihadi ideas through Islamist literature that was printed in Oregon, US apart from arming the jihadis. The latest addition in this historical review is the background story to General Petreaus’ resignation which was triggered of course not by his extra-marital affair with his biographer, that is a normal social norm in West, but by his involvement in the Libyan crisis which had come about because Petreaus had armed and used al Quaida and other Islamist fighters in the bringing down of Muammar Ghaddafi”s regime and is now using the same terrorists in Syria. This policy has unleashed infighting between different Islamist groups and the Benghazi attack on a US Consulate-cum- CIA base and the killing of the US ambassador there was related to the arms business that was going on under the ambassador’s purview, intriguingly an SOS call by Ambassador was perhaps blocked by Washington for unknown reasons.

The same Islamists armed with American and NATO weapons are now doing the US bidding in Syria and who knows who comes after that. While the immediate reason for Petreaus’ resignation was his critical attitude towards Israel and Israeli politics his policy of arming and promoting Islamist forces has upset the equilibrium in the Middle East and for years to come we will see its outfall.

Arab spring a so-called wave of liberating Middle East countries from those rulers who were perpetuated in power because of their alignment with the West, now when West’s political requirements have changed they have used third degree methods in eliminating their once strong Opec countries leaders from the political scene.

Now when Arab spring appears to have back fired US and its NATO allies are perplexed to find Cairo’s Tehrir Square becoming a battle ground between pro and against Morsi supporters fighting a pitched battle that is certainly going to produce a genuine leader from the ashes of revolution in Egypt, Libya and other Middle East countries. Thanks to social networking media that the results are different then what Western thinkers had designed to receive desired results and din their propaganda into the eye’s and ears of the thinking intelligentsia.

Pakistan is following blindly the same path for last 65 years, a model developing nation celebrating its decade of progress in 1968 has been turned into a liability close to default because of its unnatural alliance and continuing proxy war for US in Tribal belt resulting in civil commotion in one form or the other in different parts of Pakistan.

The sooner we return to pragmatic domestic and foreign policies, the faster our recovery could be, our future appears to be not only bleak but catastrophic due to political monopolization and corporatecracy, unless we face the challenge of time by forging greater national unity and consensus on vital issues to put the nation back on the rail without looking towards foreign aid or crutches. Pakistan’s unfortunate downtrend started with acceptance of too much foreign interference in our political and economic management through imported bankers Mafia of Pakistani origin, who were more loyal to their foreign masters then the country. Here we can only remember a famous saying of Poet Philosopher Allama Iqbal, which reads: “Khuda neyAajtak Oss Qaum Ki Halat Nahi Badli; Naa ho jisko Khayal Aap Apni Halat key Badalney Kaa” God bless us All.

By Ali Ashraf Khan.

 Thank You For Reading
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