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اتوار، 6 مئی، 2012

US-Afghan strategic accord

 President Obama`s surprise visit to Kabul, on the eve of Osama Bin Laden`s death anniversary, bought news of a strategic agreement signed with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

 The whole game of the Obama Administration seems to be targeting Pakistan after guaranteeing a permanent presence in Afghanistan with the connivance of Hamid Karzai. The strategic pact was finalised between Obama and Karzai on the eve of sudden and unscheduled visit of the former to Kabul, on May 2, 2012. As reported in the media, one of the items of the pact is, “The US has the right to take action militarily if some one interferes in Afghanistan to harm the US interests there”. America is already blaming Pakistan of having hide-outs of terrorists in its tribal areas, wherefrom they are intruding into Afghanistan for attacking the allied forces on the other side of the border. She is particularly fingering at the Haqqani network, which has been so vigorously portrayed by the Western media to force Pakistan to start military operation in the North Waziristan against its own faithful tribal citizens. In view of this pact it now becomes a very easy job for the occupying forces to produce an undeniable proof against Pakistan for intrusion into Afghanistan and hurting American interests. It is easy for them to make an explosion and killing a dozen Afghans at the border area and then blame Pakistan for the mishap. With a few such incidents, America will clear its way for direct interference into Pakistan where it has two priority targets, the Nukes and Balochistan. We understand that strongest lobby in the US is the Zionist Jews, who from the very first day are inimical to Pakistan, an Islamic state with an ideology and now possessing the nuclear weapon. Whatever party is in power in America, it cannot reject the policies that are dictated to it by the powerful Zionist lobby. We also understand that our western neighbour is continuously struggling to create problems for Pakistan and leaves no chance of harming our interests. It has already been doing lot of damage to the detriment of our solidarity in the province of Balochistan in addition to the water terrorism where it diverts our rivers. The US, the Israel and India are on the same frequency in following the nefarious agenda in Balochistan. For the above two goals the troika has been doing a number of activities in Pakistan through their open and covert agents engaged by RAW and the CIA. Even the responsible people in the ruling class like Rehman Malik have time and again admitted the active presence of these elements in the country. The people who have stood in rebellion against the state of Pakistan are being supported by the foreign powers having inimical sentiments against Pakistan. Barahamdagh Bugti is one example, who has been given a VIP protocol and has been termed from the UN forum as to be a leader of Balochistan, struggling for the independence of his ‘country’. People like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and his partners are zealously active in blowing the issue of Balochistan out of proportion. This man has the backing of the Jews and support of the anti-Pak and pro-Indian lobby in the American Congress. There is no denying the fact that the successive governments at home have not fulfilled their responsibilities regarding securing the rights of the Baloch nation, nor serious attempts have ever been made for the uplift of that province. Even the present rulers have done nothing albeit making false promises of Huqooq-e-Balochistan. The conditions have been made so much conducive for the alien forces that they have now a free hand to do what they like to. On the other hand the rulers are busy in looting the state and corruption is rampant throughout the country and within all the state institutions. The clean and honest officers who are unearthing the corruption of high-ups are being transferred and dislocated so that no inquiry can be effectively implemented in a number of cases where the ruling class is involved. The Prime Minister convicted for continuously defying the orders of the apex court, instead of stepping down has been organising open demonstrations through his Jiyalas against the judiciary. There can hardly be any country in this civilized era where the state Premier comes out openly and challenges the courts in open political gatherings. The Prime Minister should have had sufficient moral strength to resign there and then when he first came to know the involvement of his two sons in mega corruption cases. Instead he hurried to replace the honest team of officers carrying out the investigation. In view of the coming election the rulers have been busy in merciless distribution of national money to its voters and party cronies in different names like Benazir Support Programme etc.

The party leaders of the local level have been provided with huge funds to distribute water supply pipes and other material to their voters. This has provided ample chances of embezzlement and kickbacks to the people belonging to the ruling parties. It is the duty of the Election Commission of Pakistan to take notice of this plunder since it is done for getting votes of the beneficiaries. This is an open rigging of the election to come. The security concerns are still there. There is no merit and appointments to various posts are done either on the basis of party affiliation or the posts are sold out at very higher prices. Thus the internal situation has become very precarious and the country is very much vulnerable to foreign interference. America is extending its embassy’s premises in Islamabad to make another Islamabad therein. No body is going to ask as to what for she is doing this. Is it not proving that the US will be accommodating its “Blackwaters” and “Xes” in these sophisticated hide-outs to be called for when it starts attacking our Kahuta installations (God forbid). Is there anybody in the mob of these effete rulers to stop America making defence garrisons in the name of embassy extension? This situation calls for immediate remedial steps and the responsibility comes first on the ruling parties and then on all the political entities. Unfortunately there seems very little will amongst the politicians to give a second thought to what they are doing. Situation cannot improve until we start giving preference to national cause rather than to our own interest. There is a need that we strive for the establishment of a system of justice and allow the law to take its course without applying political pressure for saving the criminals. If we can ensure internal coherence and solidarity, there will be very little chance for the foreign elements to interfere and succeed in damaging our national interest. Contrary to it, the alien forces will succeed in their designs when our rulers and politicians are in the habit of seeking self interest at the cost of national priorities.

 By Mohammad Fahim

The Frontier Post
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